Local Church Tech Services

We’re proud to offer these services to Churches to help bolster Your Sunday Experience. If you’re looking for training, head to our dedicated training page.

ProPresenter Weekly Playlist Creation

Let our team craft your ProPresenter Playlist every week to make sure you have a professional looking presentation with timers, automations and other “power user” features. Each Playlist comes with integrated notes (into ProPresenter) and a PDF cheat sheet to make sure that your volunteers can step into Sunday with confidence, and your presentations look awesome. 😎

How does it work?

We’ll start with a consultation and onboarding. During this process we meet with you and your team over Zoom to evaluate your current setup. Things like how many screens you have, whether or not you run multiple ProPresenter machines linked, and what your typical workflow looks like. This allows us to develop a plan and process that works for everyone.

After that, all slides & content for your upcoming service are submitted a minimum of 5 days out (sooner is better). We create all the slides and graphics for your service and build the playlist.

Playlists are sent to you 24 hours before your service start time.

What does it cost?

The onboarding process costs $249 and includes your first sermon series graphics. Pricing is then billed weekly or monthly depending on your preference. Either $125/week or $450/month

What’s included?

Each week you can request 1 ProPresenter Playlist for your Sunday Service. We’ll create all the sermon slides, worship lyrics, and add any additional content you have (announcements, videos, etc)

We also will create sermon graphics for you in the monthly package. 1 Sermon Graphic Package per month.